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Cave Manupulation with dragon eye


Who is behind the mask?

Book cover for the secrets of the kings showing the eye of Horus
Back cover of book describing story... He wanted vengeance for his lost love. She was abandoned by love, until she was chosen. When they collide, who will survive?

"... this polished story's mythology is teased out with steady pacing, crisp prose, and a variety of twists that will please readers of urban fantasy-especially those drawn to strong female protagonists-right up until the satisfying ending."
BookLife Reviews
"... seamlessly blends ancient Egyptian mythology with a modern setting along with plenty of action and thrills... The story moves along briskly, and some great action sequences punctuate the tension... is the very definition of a page-turner, and readers should not miss its memorable cast, compelling mysteries, and thrilling revelations."

Manybooks - Heinrich Bolton

Award Winning

2021 Literary Titan Book Awards – Silver Award
2022 Global Book Awards - Gold Medal – Fantasy Historical
                                                     Gold Medal – Magical Realism
2022 Outstanding Creator Award - 1st Place – Myths, Legends, and Fairytales 
                                   2nd Place – Paranormal
                                                                  2nd Place – Action and Adventure          
                         3rd Place – Fantasy
2022 Hollywood Book Festival - Honorable Mention – General Fiction
                                                                           Honorable Mention – Wild Card Category

Fantasy background with radio button to play audio book sample

Sample from The Secrets of the Kings, which is on sale now at Amazon, iTunes, Audible, Chirp, and Barnes and Noble.

Curvy Tree Road

My first novel, The Secrets of the Kings, is now available for purchase on your favorite website, as an ebook, a paperback, or an audiobook.

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Concept of an open magic book; open pages with water and land and small child. Fantasy, n


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